The Adria Aviation Academy is both an academic institution and a licensed ATO (Approved Training Organisation) for training pilots. We offer an innovative and highly efficient way of teaching, training and learning. Beside mandatory courses, we integrate topics from general aviation to specific subjects like management, transport and logistic, RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/drones), engineering and others. In this way, Adria Aviation Academy trains highly skilled and experienced pilots with a wide area of aviation knowledge that secures the highest safety in the air.

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Our Courses

Adria Aviation Academy offers unique opprotunity to acquire a pilot license and a higher education degree at the same time. Based on the tradition of linking the academic study with training to become a pilote we further developed this concept.

  • Diploma in Aviation and Commercial Pilot Licence

  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Operations and Airline
    Transport Pilots Licence

  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Operations

Diploma in Aviation and Commercial Pilot Licence

The Academic route leads to a higher education degree (Diploma in Aviation). However, the structure of the study is somewhat different than traditional study.

Students will take various courses that include mandatory courses, optional courses and subjects and practical training in organisation by the choice. Study in the first year will mostly cover private pilot license subjects, while the second-year curricula is based on professional pilot license. In the third-year student will conclude the study with additional practical training and a diploma

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Bachelor of Science in Aviation Operations and Airline Transport Pilots Licence

This course is designed for students who wish to complete the Bachelor of Science (Aviation) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) as an integrated programme. The ATPL is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate. The Bachelor degree is co-provided by Nova University.

This course requires a three-years full time study and minimum flying hours trained

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Pilot Academy

Air Adria Academy launches this Bachelor course in Aviation Operations with Nova University.

As a 3-year full time course, the candidate must obtain a high school certificate before applying the course.

The students of this course will have opportunities to be introduced to the ATPL course once requirements are met.

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