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  • Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (EASA)

  • Private Pilot Licence and Ratings

  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence and Ratings


Adria Aviation Academy offers unique opportunity to acquire a pilot licence under EASA rules.

At AAA we offer a wide variety of study programmes and courses. As the entry level licence, you will be enjoy flying with your friends as recreational use by obtaining the LAPL and have the opportunity to learn additional programmes to enhance your skills.

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To obtain a “lifetime” PILOT licence.

In Adria Aviation Academy we offer a wide variety of professional pilot licenses.

PPL and Ratings programme is among our most welcomed courses

A private pilot licence (PPL) is a licence that allows a holder to pilot an aircraft as pilot-in-command or co-pilot when the aircraft is being operated in a private operation or the holder is receiving flying training.

After finishing the programme, the pilot can fly under wider range of conditions and night time.

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Fly Airbus 380 or Boeing 747!

An air transport pilot licence (ATPL) gives you the privilege to operate any commercial or private operations be the pilot-in-command or the co-pilot of any operation. You must hold the appropriate aircraft category rating on your ATPL and the class or type rating for the aircraft you want to fly.

This licence training programme may require preliminary conditions.

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